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The Practice of Architecture is a challenging, but rewarding profession that fully involves a variety of participants in seeking the common goal of producing a successful building project. To accomplish this goal, the architect must have passion for his work; a commitment to the Project and the tools and ability to perform the work.

Like a musical conductor, the Architect's role is to coordinate important input from several sources resulting in an artistic composition. For the Architect, foremost is the requirement to satisfy the Owner's needs, but also, addressing building and zoning codes, efficient and sustainable use of materials, observing budgetary constraints and producing an aesthetic solution.

The Architect involves the Owner in evaluating options during the design. Often times, there are equal options for various elements where the Owner's preference influences the design direction. Of course, there are unequal options too, where costs and benefits are evaluated and presented to the Owner.

The Architect also involves various consultants such as a Surveyor, Estimator, various Engineers and other consultants as necessary to fully prepare the project for permitting and construction. Assisting the Owner in advertising the Project for construction, obtaining bids and providing Construction Contract Administration are also typical services provided by the Architect. In addition, during construction, ongoing observation and consulting services are provided to further assure a successful project.

The projects depicted here were prepared with Passion. Each one required focused attention to specific criteria that resulted in a solution uniquely suited to the Owners desires. Each project is "special" and deserves the fullest level of attention and respect. I am proud of every project in that each was prepared with unrestricted effort. Since the design process involves a "team effort", there are aspects of each project that might be improved, or developed differently, but considering the needs of the "team" these projects are fully complete and appropriate.